Winter 2014 Blog Recap

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Should Corporate Learning and Development Organizations have to Articulate their Pedagogy?

(Business Quest, 2012)

Should learning organizations have to articulate the epistemology, theory and pedagogy they use to develop learning solutions?  In my humble opinion, I feel we should.

Part of my educational approach encompasses andragogy.  I have used this approach in my own practice and have seen the positive results that can result for learners.  However, I do see where pedagogy can also have a place in the development of learning solutions for adult learners.

Kanuka (2008) brings me to the first point of how this ability can be beneficial to corporate learning and development organizations.  Kanuka (2008) urges us to articulate pedagogy in order to be able to effectively measure the success of e-learning projects or programs.  I humbly submit that this articulation could also help us measure the success of instructor lead solutions as well.

There are other benefits we’ll explore in future posts.  Do you see any value in evaluating the success of your learning solutions against the yard stick of pedagogy?  I look forward to hearing from you!


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