Additional Artifacts

Each term I create an additional artifact that helps me test a theory or to retain the learning

Costs and Economics of Distance Education & E-learning (OMDE 606 9040)

This artifact provides a summary of the major concepts as well as equations provided in the Rumble text

Rumble Concept Matrix

Rumble Concept Matrix

Teaching and Learning in Online Distance Education (OMDE 610 9040)

Development is in progress

Technology in Distance Education & E-learning (OMDE 603 9020)

Web 2.0 Tools Use in DE

This artifact provides a definition of Web 2.0 tools and how to use them for educational purposes

Web2.0 Technology and Use in Distance Education

Foundations of Distance Education & E-learning (OMDE 601 9041)

These artifacts are video journals expanding on the written journal.  This is very “talking heads” and low production value.  However, it was a good learning experience.

Video Journals